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2021 Spring Work Day - April 17, 2021

2021 Fall Work Day - November 20, 2021

All are welcome to come and help and very much appreciate!

If you have any old pictures and/or stories of people buried here that you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact Larry Rutledge or another committee member.

The Cemetery Committee was formed in 1947 and at present has 17 members, all volunteers.  Our job is to manage and maintain the cemetery.  The church and community built a small house on the property in 1948 for a caretaker of the church and cemetery to live in.  In 2001 it had to be removed due to its rundown condition which did not justify repair.  

The Survey is complete of our 7 ½ acre property.  I would like to thank Mr. Bob White and Mr. Ben Butterworth for doing this.  Each grave that has a marker has been recorded with birth and death dates, which are on this web site.  Also a plat of the cemetery along with names is on display in front of the cemetery to help people find a grave more easily.  We have over 1600 identified graves marked with names, etc.; and over  1700 graves with rocks or stones as markers with no names.  We now have as many as 37 names of people buried in unmarked graves.  If you have knowledge of someone else buried in unmarked graves, please let us know.  Our goal is to someday put these names on one large marker placed on the grounds in a very noticeable area.

We have now completed the GPR (ground penetrating radar) work on the whole cemetery, thanks to the work of Len and Ben Strozier.   As a result, we were able to find over 150 graves with no marker at all, many of which were in the woods behind Section 1 and the church.  We had always heard that slaves and Indians were buried there.  I am happy to say the committee decided to install tombstones that have engraved UNKNOWN on each one.  This is now complete.  If there was a grave found inside a family plot, we tried to notify that family but didn’t install an unknown marker because it is the families’ responsibility if they want to or not.  Thanks to the committee and your donations for making these and other improvements to the cemetery. 

I want to thank the Sons of the American Revolution for honoring one of the many people that have worked so hard, fought, bled and died for the freedom we now enjoy.  Many times I walk around in the cemetery and I think that it would be exciting to talk with these folks.  I have a lot of questions I would love to ask.  Then I think, that because of what Jesus Christ did for us over 2000 years ago and because I have trusted him as my Savior, I will one day be able to talk with those that have trusted in him.  I am so thankful for that hope and promise.


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