In the November, 2006 Newsletter I said the date for the next service would be the 2nd Saturday in April, 2007.  That was wrong.  It is actually the 2nd Saturday in May at 3:00 p.m.  Please mark your calendar.


The plans for this service on May 12th are shaping up nicely.  We plan to have it rain or shine.  Mrs. Violet Ewing, a long-time resident of the Haynes Creek Rosebud community will share her early memories of Haynes Creek.  Mr. Walker Chewning, President of The Sons of the American Revolution will speak to us.  The Knight sisters (who grew up near the church) will be singing for us.  Also the quartet, Legacy of Praise will bless us as they did with their singing at last years service.   Dr. Ron Davidson, Assistant Pastor of First Baptist Snellville will bring our devotion.  It will be a great time to remember those that have gone on before us.  Please plan to be there.



This work is still going on.  There are no changes since the last newsletter.



 We plan to have a work day before the memorial service.  The date will be set at our April 10th Committee Meeting.  We would love to have you come and help.  You can call any member for exact date and time.



Thank you for your help in keeping the cemetery neat and clean.  On our two workdays in Spring and Fall each year the policy is to remove any old looking or faded flowers.  It would be very helpful for you to do it before we have to.



Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Marshall Allen, 770-979-0498

Martha Allen

Evelyn Elliott-Treasurer


Nell Foster, 770-979-1658

Harold Landress- Grave Sales, 770-979-1636

Robin Mashburn-Chairman Grave Sales, 770-982-0926

Chris Rutledge-Grave Sales,770-861-2528

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman


Tracy Moon, 770-466-3573

Susan Pierson, 770-931-1561

Chloe Rutledge-Secretary


Stephen Rutledge, 770-267-4546

Tommy Rutledge- 678-442-1980

Larry Rutledge-Chairman


Eunice Wade, 770-979-9303

Tony Wood, 770-785-7191

Please call us if we can be of service to you.



This area may be complete by the time you receive this letter.  Our plans are to hold off on the memorial with names of people buried in unidentified graves until we get the surveying finished.  Once that is done, the plan is to do the unidentified graves monument and to place the names along with a plat of the cemetery near the front of the cemetery. Then in the future if someone wants to find who and where a person is buried they could easily do so with the exception of those in unidentified graves.  Please call Larry Rutledge at 770-972-2008 if you know of someone buried in unidentified graves so we can add them to the marker.



In the last several newsletters we have asked anyone owning grave sites that doesn’t have coping around it to do so ASAP.  There are still several that have not been done.  Remember, with the very limited records we have it helps us to know what is sold and what is not.



It is our desire for the cemetery fund to be perpetual, assuring us of continued good care and maintenance.  Please make your tax -deductible donation to Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee, 3035 Rosebud Rd., Loganville, GA  30052.



We have some grave-sites available.  Please call any of the members responsible for sales if you are interested.  Also, please remember to call Robin Mashburn before digging any grave.



Please notify Evelyn Elliott at 770-979-8325 of any family member that would like to receive a newsletter and for any corrections or deletions also.



Thanks to the Lord Jesus for His leadership and protection.  Many thanks go out to you for your support physically and monetarily.  Also, to the committee members that have put in many hours working and meeting to maintain the cemetery and to Evelyn Elliott and her ladies for stuffing envelopes and mailing them and to my wife Janice for typing the newsletters.



By Larry Rutledge

My grandmother, Lela Pearl Gresham Campbell, one of 12 children of John Robert Gresham and Lela Thomas Gresham was a very strong woman though small in statue.  She was married to Henry Marcus Campbell.  They had my mom Vernell Campbell Rutledge, Ed Campbell and Bud Campbell.  The family did share- cropping around the Centerville, Caleb and Rosebud area and to my knowledge never owned a home together.  When Mom was a little girl, they were down at the spring within sight of their home on Rosebud Centerville Rd. near Lenora Church Road washing clothes and looked back at their home and it was on fire.  Eli Rutledge and Bascomb Ford were able to only get a trunk and 1 or 2 more items out before it was destroyed.


When they lived in Caleb, a tornado tore the front porch of their home off.  Several years later, her son, Bud, who had finished a tour of duty in the Korean Conflict a few years before was fishing in Butlers Lake on Hwy. 20 and drowned.


I remember her many times after she and Pa Pa Henry divorced after 35 years of marriage getting out and chopping wood.  She also worked in the garden working harder than most men.  After their divorce she went on to have a 3-bedroom home built and paid for it out of her social security money and the money she made working occasionally for her brother-in-law, Carlton Knight in his grocery store and small grill.  She worked occasionally as cook, making sausage sandwiches, (boy were they good).  She only drew about $300 a month but she was frugal enough to have a small savings account.  I would go with her sometimes to Milstead to visit her sister, Aunt Cordie and that was probably my first time to play in a swimming pool at the community center. Her mother broke her hip and I don’t believe ever walked again.  Ma Ma Pearl took her in and cared for her for a few years till her death.


She was a great cook.  One thing that she would do was cook fried apple pies from the dried apple pieces she would lay out in the sun to dry on a piece of tin.  I don’t believe I’ve had any as good as hers since then.


Although she never joined a church, she did pray to receive Jesus Christ as Savior in my living room late in life. After giving up housekeeping, she lived with my mom & dad, my sister and her husband and my wife and I, two weeks at a time. Although in many ways she had a tough life, she had a real sense of humor and she always knew how to make her grandson feel loved and very special.


If you have a story of a loved one buried here, please share it with us and maybe we can run it in future newsletters.




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