We wish you a very peaceful and  joyful Merry Christmas and a great New Year.



I am very thankful to God for his leadership and especially for saving me over 40 years ago. My life now is much more at peace and I have His spirit living in me and know He loves me unconditionally.  Because of him the cemetery isn’t final and we have Heaven to look forward to if we are saved.  Anyone that isn’t can be by repentance of sin, confession of, and accepting Jesus Christ as God’s Son who died on the cross for us and arose on the third day.  You can ask Him to come into your heart and save you.  The Bible says He will.  John 3:16, 6:47, 14:6, Acts 3:19, 4:12, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-13 and Revelations 3:20.  It is my prayer that Christ is or will soon become your Savior.  I know He wants all of us as His children. 

Thank you all for keeping your cemetery lots clean and neat.  Also, I want to thank each of our committee members for their hard work.  Many improvements have  been made in the last several years and I am thankful to the Lord for leading each of us and making it happen through your donations and all the physical work.


Please remember all of your donations are used for the cemetery and your gifts are tax deductible.  You can mail your donations to Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee, % Evelyn Elliott, 414 Chicamauga Ct., Loganville, GA 30052.



In the last several newsletters we have asked anyone owning grave sites that do not have coping around it to do it ASAP.  There are still several that have not been completed.   Remember, our records of ownership are very limited and the coping is the best way for us to know that it is owned by someone.     



Our 3rd annual memorial service is planned for the Saturday before Mother’s Day at 3:00 p.m.  Please mark your calendar and come be with us as we honor our Lord Jesus and remember those gone on before us and look to the future.



Our Surveyor, Bob White, is almost complete with the last section and we certainly do appreciate all of his hard work.



Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Marshall Allen, passed away June 5, 2007.  He was a faithful member since 1991.

Martha Allen

Evelyn Elliott-Treasurer, 770-554-2536

Nell Foster

Harold Landress

Chris Rutledge- Chairman of Grave Sales 770-861-2528

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman, 770-938-0964

Tracy Moon

Susan Pierson

Chloe Rutledge-Secretary, 770-922-1589

Stephen Rutledge

Tommy Rutledge

Larry Rutledge-Chairman, 770-972-2008

Eunice Wade

Tony Wood

Many thanks to Robin Mashburn for many years of service on the Committee, who for health reasons decided to resign.   Please call us if we can be of service to you.



  Our web page is

We want to eventually have all of our recorded information on line so that people for many years to come will be able to do historical searches successfully.



We hope you have seen by now our beautiful memorial area by the drive close to the middle of the cemetery.  It consists of our new bell tower made from solid granite and a bench.  The original bell was cleaned repainted and mounted on the tower.  We plan someday to have a memorial stone with the names of people buried in unmarked/unidentified graves.  Please call Larry Rutledge with any names you know of to be put on that memorial.



Please notify Larry or Janice Rutledge at 770-972-2008 of any family member that would like to receive a newsletter and for any corrections of addresses or deletions.



Before you ask for a grave to be dug, it is cemetery policy that you call Chris Rutledge at 770-861-2528.  This way we will have a record of burials and will insure that everything is done for the benefit of the whole cemetery.



We plan to have 2 workdays each year beginning at 9:00 a.m.

They are set for Saturday before Thanksgiving and the 3rd Saturday in April each year.  Workdays have proven to be very beneficial.  As a result of those days and your hard work the cemetery looks really good.  We would love to have you come on a workday and help.



As a part of our workday, our policy is to remove any old looking faded flowers.  It would

Be very helpful if you did it on your lot before we have to.  All of this is for the total beautification of the cemetery.  We appreciate your help very much.



 Our condolences and prayers for the families of:  Lucy Bell Rainey Brooks Hamil, 8-19-1920, 1-10-2007; Allen Wigley, 7-20-1958, 3-24-2007; Leon Bentley, 2-22-1933, 4-16-2007; Rowe Luther Johnson, 4-18-1937, 6-2-2007; Marshall E. Allen, Jr., 12-2-1921, 6-5-2007; Winifred W. Gresham, 10-12-1919, 6-8-2007; Luna Mae Tuck McCart, 9-5-1916, 6-12-2007, Joyce Crowe Bentley 9-10-1933, 9-15-2007; Robert Edward Wade, 10-14-1936, 10-12-2007.

(Marshall Allen was a faithful member of the cemetery committee.  He worked  very diligently to help preserve and beautify the cemetery.  We miss him and thank the Lord for his life.  His funeral service was very uplifting.)



My dad, Ernest Wade, 8-15-1907, 12-07-1962, was about 50 years old when he was convicted of sin and gave his heart to Jesus and was saved.  He started going to Haynes Creek Church and would sit on the very back pew because he said “he did not deserve to sit anywhere else”.  He began to study the Bible and soon joined the church and was baptized.  He was called to preach and served 4 or 5 churches for a short time.  His wife was saved later and was baptized by her husband.  She wore white while being baptized and Preacher Wade said she looked like an angel.  Preacher Wade died at the early age of 55 and even though he preached for a short time, he was greatly loved by the people he served and others that knew him.  He was well respected and   highly thought of by friends, neighbors and family.  Submitted by daughter, Evelyn Wade Elliott.


Terra Wayne Rawlins, 10-3-1903, 6-14-1905, is the brother of Kathryn R. Bird who died Monday, November 5, 2007, and was the oldest longest living resident of Snellville.  Just days before her death she told the following story about what happened to her brother.  It seems her mother and little Wayne were traveling by wagon down the hill near No Business Creek at Centerville and the horse was spooked, or for some reason speeded up, and they lost control and were thrown from the wagon.  Her mom recovered but her brother died shortly after the accident.  As time went on Kathryn and Wayne’s mother and dad died but was buried at another cemetery and for some unknown reason never had Wayne’s body moved to their burial site.


If you have a story of a friend or loved one buried at Haynes Creek please mail it to us.



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