Thanks very much to all of you, friends and family members for your prayers, physical work and financial support of our historic cemetery.  Mr. Bob White is continuing to work on surveying of the largest and oldest sections #1 and #2.  His work is greatly appreciated.  It is indeed a big job!  We would also like to thank committee members Betty Foster, Bobby Ragan and Chuck Queen, who have for personal reasons resigned from service on the committee.  The cemetery is in good condition today thanks to our committee members both past and present.

Larry Rutledge


Mr. White has surveyed and we have recorded sections 3 & 4, which are the two newest sections on the north side of the cemetery.  To our surprise, we have 1245 burial spaces in section 3 and 471 in section 4.  There are 538 known burials in section 3 and 101 in section 4.  We have 18 cremations and over 60 regular sites available for sale in these two sections. 

Thanks again to Mr. White for all he is doing.  He is doing it as a contribution to our cemetery.


 April 2 and October 8, were work days during which we did some cleaning.  We cleaned up some old flowers, trimmed shrubs, junipers and trees.  Cleaned up old trash piles and built a berm to control erosion on the south side.  We put up a sign, extended curbing timbers and  hauled off several contractor bags of trash and old flowers, and worked on getting the slab ready for the new pavilion on the southern side of the church.  We’re happy that a new all metal pavilion has been built in place of the old one destroyed by this year’s ice storm.   Chloe Rutledge also gave us a demonstration on probing for graves.  Thanks to Jim Martin, Doug Drummond, Chloe Rutledge,  Tony Wood, Chris Rutledge,  Jamie Hewatt,  Mattie Hewatt,  Stephen Rutledge,  Tommy Rutledge, Jeremy Rutledge, Dwight McCart, Wendell McCart, Ronny Rutledge, Janice Rutledge, Larry Rutledge and Betty Thomas for their attendance at either both or one of these work days.


We have a landscape agreement with Barnes Landscaping, although it is the responsibility of family members to care for individual plots. 

Please remove old flowers and vases, and take with you


Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Marshall Allen

Martha Allen

Doug Drummond

Evelyn Elliott-Treasurer


Nell Foster

Olin Gresham

Harold Landress

Robin Mashburn

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman


Tracy Moon

Susan Pierson

Chloe Rutledge-Secretary


Stephen Rutledge

Tommy Rutledge

Chris Rutledge

Larry Rutledge-Chairman


Eunice Wade

Tony Wood

Please call us if we can be of service to you.


Our thanks go to Chloe Rutledge and Scott Thomas for their work in establishing a web page for the cemetery.  Also, Scott has donated the airtime for the next two years.  Our web page is

We want to eventually have all of our recorded information on line so that people for many years to come will be able to do historical searches successfully.



Our last ice storm destroyed the “dinner on the grounds shed.”  Thanks to Mr. Wayne Rowe for cleaning it all up.  He did a great job and we have since replaced it with a nice metal pavilion building.

We would like to build a small pavilion on the north side of the church to house a plat and index of people buried in the cemetery with date of birth and death.  This will be of help now, and to generations in the future, to find the burial site of family members, and to do family searches.  Also, we would like to put a monument inside or near the pavilion with the names of people buried in unnamed, unmarked graves. 

We would like for this area to be a nice quiet place where folks could come and sit quietly, meditate and pray if they desire.




On April 2nd 2006, we are planning an outdoor memorial service for family and friends to honor those gone before us.  Tommy Rutledge is leading in this effort.  Everyone is invited.  More details will be forthcoming.


It is our policy that all graves from now on be marked with coping around them.  If your grave plot has not been coped or 4 corner posts placed, please do so as soon as possible.  This will help us determine what is owned and what is available for sale.  The records that we have are very limited given the age of the cemetery.


If you know of family members or friends  that  would like to be on our mailing list, or know of corrections/deletions  that need to be made please call Ms. Evelyn Elliott @ 770-979-8325.


    To purchase gravesites, call Mr. Robin Mashburn @ 770-982-0926.



Our desire is for the Cemetery Fund to be perpetual.  In order to do this, and achieve the dreams and needs mentioned, your tax deductible donations are needed greatly. 


All the money donated is used solely for maintenance and improvements of the cemetery.  All Committee members and everyone mentioned in this newsletter, with the exception of Barnes Landscaping, work on a voluntary basis and we thank them for their contribution and thank you in advance for yours. 


You can mail your donation to:

Haynes Creek

Cemetery Committee

3035 Rosebud Road

Loganville, Ga.  30052.






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