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Haynes Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Established 1826



November 2012

By Larry Rutledge

A Newsletter from  the Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee – Founded 1947




 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15


Many times we do not think of death as being precious in God’s sight, even for one of His Saints.  We are so accustomed to thinking that this life is all there is.  Even though we know what the Bible says about heaven, we are influenced so much by the world and don’t even talk or think about heaven that much.  We must guard our minds, stay in God’s Word daily and be fervent in prayer.  If we don’t then the worldly thoughts of satan can and will take over us.  I am so thankful for Jesus saving my soul and giving me eternal life in heaven where there is total peace and joy beyond measure.  He is so good all the time.


Thanks to our Cemetery Committee and to all of you, family and friends.  It is because of God’s favor and each of you that our cemetery is preserved well.  Thank you




This has become one of our priorities and goals as a Cemetery Committee.  We want to remember those that have gone on before us, so send us brief biographies, information, pictures, etc. that we can keep on file and possibly use from time to time at Memorial services, and newsletters. So please send them to: Larry Rutledge, 

P O Box 347







or email:

Thank you in advance for doing this.




Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Martha Allen

Evelyn Elliott

Nell Foster

Harold Landress, Landscaping Management  770-979-1636

Chris Rutledge- Management  of Grave Placement and Sales (when available)  770-861-2528

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman



Kristy McCullers-Secretary



Tracy Moon

Susan Pierson

Chloe Rutledge

Stephen Rutledge

Tommy Rutledge

Larry Rutledge-Chairman



Janice Rutledge


Wilson- Treasurer



Tony Wood

Dwight McCart


We are happy to introduce our 2 new members:  

1:  Jim Coker


Jim grew up in Loganville, went to school there from 1st – 12th grades then 2 years at



and later graduated from the




.  He and his wife, Kaye have been married for 42 years.  They have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Jessica.  Jim worked most of his life in insurance and in June retired from his very successful State Farm Agency in Snellville.  Jim’s parents and brother and several other relatives are buried at Haynes Creek.


2. Ricky Brooks


Ricky grew up in the Lenora Church Community.  He went to and graduated from



High School

.  He and his wife Pam have been married for 35 years.  They have 2 boys, Jason and Ryan and 4 grandchildren.  Ricky is retired from Sun Trust Bank.  He has both sets of grandparents and at least 1 set of great-grandparents buried at Haynes Creek.  Ricky has been a great help at our work days. 


Thank you Jim and Ricky for your willingness to serve and we look forward to working with you in the days  ahead.


Mrs. Nell Foster is our oldest committee member.  She has served for 65 years.  She said “one of my greatest pleasures is serving and helping





.  Since my Dad loved it so much I feel I am honoring him and his memory”. 

She is now 106 years old.  Mrs. Foster is one of the sweetest people I know.  She always has a great attitude, very positive and most always has a smile on her face. 


She worked at the cemetery to well in her 90’s, although her church membership is at another church.  She has always loved




and the cemetery and wants the best for them.  Her parents and many relatives are buried there.


Runell Brooks Foster was born in 1906 to George Beauregard Books and Emma Jane Palmer Brooks.  Mrs. Foster grew up on a farm at

Rosebud Road


Brooks Drive

.  She is the youngest of 12 children.  She graduated from


High School

with a teaching certificate.  Her brother, Nathan, helped her get a job at Midway School teaching 1st thru 3rd grades, which was against one of the trustees wishes at the school because he thought she would show partiality since she had relatives there but Nathan prevailed.




was located at the fork of

Rosebud Road


Stephens Road

, just south of Hwy. 78.  Her salary was $55 per month.  On February 12, 1928, she married her high school sweetheart, Clyde Edgar Foster. 


They moved in the house where she still resides in 1929.  The home was built by her father after all the children had grown up and married, thinking it would be much easier to maintain, etc., since it was smaller than the farm house they raised their 12 children in.  His wife, though, wanted to stay in the larger one, so they did and Mrs. Nell and Mr. Clyde obtained it and raised their 3 daughters there.  They had Mary Nell, Patricia Ruth and Sara Emma. 


They owned and operated Foster’s Store located on the northwest corner of Hwy. 78 and

Rosebud Road

for 50 years.


Mrs. Nell we love and appreciate you, your witness for the Lord Jesus, your love for others and that wonderful sweet spirit that God has blessed   you with.  May he continue to bless and use you.



  Our web site is

Please remember you can’t get our  website through google.  You must use our web address.



This is another reminder to do coping on your site if you haven’t already done so.  I know this is an old reminder you have read many times, but there are still many that haven’t been done.  This is in many cases the only means we have of knowing that it belongs to someone. 



Please contact us if you know of family members that wish to be on our mailing list, or if someone should be deleted.  Please notify Larry Rutledge at 770-972-2008 or



Before you have a grave dug you must notify Chris Rutledge at 770-861-2528.  This helps us better manage the grounds and our records.



Everyone is invited to our two work days we have each year.  Their dates are Saturday before Thanksgiving and the 3rd Saturday in April at 9:00 a.m. and we usually are finished by 1 p.m.  Come and bring your rake, shovel, etc. and we will have a great time fellowshipping while we work to help preserve our historic cemetery.



This year the committee has decided to do something different and that is to have a Decoration/Memorial service combination on March 24th at 3:00 p.m. This date will be good for putting out Easter flowers for those that wish to.


We could come before 3 p.m. and put flowers on the graves of our loved ones, then start the service inside the church at 3 p.m. 


This year we are excited to have as our speaker, Mr. Bobby Basford.  Bobby has several relatives buried there and has a wealth of historical knowledge to share with us.  We will announce the lineup for the remainder of the program later.



Runelle Ray Thompson, Sec. 4-254, 11/19/2011

Robert G. Johnson, Sec. 4-361, 12/8/2011

Annie Louise Aaron, Sec. 3-773, 12/17/2011

Clara Dendy Clair, Sec. 3-525, 12/21/2011

Charles D. Whittle, Sec. 4, 31, 7/3/2012

Ozias Floyd “Bud” Cox, Sec. 4-126, 8/15/2012

David Phillip Graves, Sec. 4-42, 8/20/2012

Dereese N. Graham, Sec. 4-53 10/6/2012

Jerry Thompson, Sec. 4-253 10/22/2012



We are looking into doing ground penetrating radar on the cemetery.  We feel this will be good to honor those buried in unmarked graves.  We plan to install a small monument that of course will not have a name.  This will help us identify areas that could possibly be sold in the two oldest sections (1 and 2).  Before doing this we will have to remove the blue rug juniper so the GPR machine can correctly identify unmarked graves. This removal is now underway.  While we had one company demonstrating the GPR process they found an unmarked grave very near the information board.   


Because of  this and  the  feeling

that the board would be better utilized and help the cemetery look much better, we are looking into moving it forward in front of the parking lot and building a nice granite wall around it. 


We are also planning to install markers in the cemetery to help folks find a gravesite much easier.



On August 15, 2012, we and our cemetery committee lost a very good friend, Ozias Floyd “Bud” Cox.  He was 88 years old.  Bud was a WWII veteran.  He was retired from Ford Motor Company with 32 years of service. He enjoyed farming and lived the last several years of his life almost within sight of the cemetery.  Bud volunteered many hours on the cemetery maintenance.  In fact, after we organized and started having regular work days he told me how glad he was for that and for many years he, and maybe his family, were the only ones that worked on it, of coarse he wasn’t talking about families that worked on their individual sites.


He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Peggy Lee Cox, children, Terry and Sheryl Cox, Gary and Neita Cox,  Ricky and Wanda


Cox, Jimmy and Elyse Cox, Nancy Cox, Bobby and Sonya Cox, and Tammy Wigley.  Brother, William “Bill” and Carolyn Cox, 17 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren.


I would like to say to the family how grateful we are for Bud, for his friendship, his love for the community, his service during the war, and his love for and preservation of the cemetery. May God continue to bless and use each of you.



Thank you for your prayers, your work on the cemetery and your financial support.  Without that support very little could be accomplished.  To make tax free donations please mail to:





% Nan


95 McElroy Street

Winder, GA  30680


May God continue to richly bless and use each of you through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.













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