Memorial Service


April of this year marked 180 years the church and cemetery has been in existence. On April 22 the Cemetery Committee led by Tommy Rutledge hosted the first annual memorial service.  It was well attended given the thunderstorms that passed through the area just 1 ½ hours before starting time.  Legacy of Praise sang several old Hymns.  Mrs. Nell Foster, who is now 100 years old, told about old memories of Haynes Creek.  Steve Starling, President of Gwinnett County Historical Society talked about life during the early years of the church and Larry Rutledge had a brief devotion.  The names of people buried since May 2004 were read and Tracey Moon closed with prayer.  It was such a success the committee decided to have it each year on the 2nd Saturday in May.  Make plans now to attend our second one. 


Mr. White has completed Sections 3 and 4 and they are recorded on our web site.  Section 2 has been surveyed and recorded but still we lack finishing the plat and putting their names on the web site.  Once this is complete we will need to do the oldest section then the surveying will be complete. Thanks goes to Mr. White for all he is doing.



 We had two good work days this year and also had two days of recording names and dates in the recently surveyed section 2.  Many thanks goes to Bob White, Tracy Moon and his 2 employees, Phillip Moon, Mary Ann Moon, Jim Martin, Tommy Rutledge, Chris Rutledge, Stephen Rutledge, Susan Pearson, Betty Thomas, Chloe Rutledge, Robin Mashburn, Janice Rutledge and Larry Rutledge.  Also Buddy Johnson with Southern Sanitation for taking several bags of trash away.



In order to keep the cemetery clean and neat the Cemetery Committee adopted this year the policy of taking up any old faded looking flowers at our Spring and Fall work days.  It would save us lots of work if you did it before we have to.   Thanks to all of you for keeping your individual grave sites neat.  We get many compliments of how neat the cemetery is and it is because of the good job of our landscape company and your hard work, your donations and the hard work of Cemetery Committee members.


CEMETERY COMMITTEE    Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Marshall Allen

Martha Allen

Evelyn Elliott-Treasurer


Nell Foster

Harold Landress- Grave Sales

Robin Mashburn-Grave Sales

Chris Rutledge-Grave Sales

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman


Tracy Moon

Susan Pierson

Chloe Rutledge-Secretary


Stephen Rutledge

Tommy Rutledge-Mailing list 678-776-9787

Larry Rutledge-Chairman


Eunice Wade

Tony Wood

Please call us if we can be of service to you.



Since our last newsletter, Mr. Olin Gresham, a Cemetery Committee member went on to be with the Lord.  Mr. Olin spent untold hours working on the cemetery for many years.  He carried with him a wealth of knowledge.  He was a wonderful person and a great friend to us all.  We miss him.  The cemetery has lost a man that loved preserving it’s memories.



We are now in the process of constructing a small memorial area around the bell. It will eventually consist of refurbishing the bell, a new bell tower the same height as original one, tomb with names of people that we know of buried in unidentified graves, and a bench with “Jesus is the Lord” written on it.  It will also have gravel and coping around it.  Also once the surveying is complete we want to construct a small area near the  newest parking lot with plats, names and location of people buried in the cemetery. 



If your gravesite doesn’t have coping around it please have it done as soon as possible.  Because of the very limited records we have this helps us know what is sold and what is available for sale.



Please call Larry Rutledge, 770-972-2008 if you know someone who is buried in an unidentified grave, even if you do not know where.  We want the name to put on a Memorial Stone for unidentified graves in the Memorial area.



Since we started recording in May of 2004 we have had 25 burials.



Thanks to Scott Thomas for his continued work on the web site.



To purchase gravesites, please contact Robin Mashburn at 770-982-0926.  Also before having a grave dug, it is a must to contact Robin.  That way we can know who, where and when a person is buried.



You may have noticed that in the last few weeks we have had the woods cleaned out and it looks great.  We want to keep it clean in honor of people we have reason to believe are buried there.  Mr. Howell Johnson who is in his 90’s said he was always told that his Great, Great, Grandmother Mrs. Fields, a Cherokee Indian, was buried there because she was an Indian and wasn’t allowed in the main cemetery.  



Please contact any member of the committee for workday date and come on out and help in the general cleanup and maintenance.  It is our desire for the Cemetery Fund to be perpetual.  In order to do this to continue maintenance and improvements, your tax deductible donations are needed.  All the money is used on the cemetery and nothing else.



If you know of family members  on our mailing list, or know corrections/deletions that need to be made, please call Ms. Evelyn Elliott @770- 979-8325.


You may mail your donation to:

Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee

3035 Rosebud Road

Loganville, GA   30052.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.  Psalms 116:15.

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